St James's Chapel, Bretoncelles

The restoration of the church is a long term project, begun at the end of the 20th century (in particular by the rebuilding of the bell tower in 1990-1992). In 2008 the association Bretoncelles patrimoine & Nature (BPN) was created.  It brought an important contribution to the restoration of the church exterior which was inaugurated in 2017.  It was followed by interior restoration work carried out by Mme Annick Dieu: restoration of the frescoes and decoration  of the choir in 2018; the nave vault in 2021, in partnership with the commune.

La chapelle Saint-Jacques

BPN pursued its programme with the complete restoration of St James's Chapel over thge summer of 2023.

The work was undertaken also by Annick Dieu. A smooth plaster of sand and white lime was laid over the ceiling and walls of the south side.  The work included the scraping of damaged areas, plastering and colouring the walls and arches in keeping with the great nave, off-white and dark beige.

La Fondation du Patrimoine

Signature Convention FdP 30 sept 2023

Le Saint-Jacques

Bretoncelles Patrimoine et Nature undertakes this project alongside the the council of Bretoncelles under the aegis of the Fondation du Patrimoine

La Fondation du Patrimoine

Annick Dieu à l'ouvrage


Last edited: 28/03/2024