Architectural heritage

The restoration of the church has been the main objective of the association since its creation.  It is a big project which has been undertaken in a succession of stages according to financial possibilities in partnership with the commune and the Fondation du Patrimoine.


Main dates:

2011:  Publication of the historical study of the church by Éric Viard, heritage historian.

2017:  Participation in the restoration of the church exterior with the commune and the Fondation du Patrimoine.

2018: Restoration of the choir with the recovery and update of the frescoes of the 4 evangelists and the starlit sky.

2021: Restoration of the vault of the Great Nave.

Throughout the summer of 2023 ... : restoration of the Saint James Chapel and the right side nave.

The association regularly cleans and maintains the Castle Mound in the Saussay forest and restores bit by bit, as required,  the calvary crosses scattered across a number of hamlets within the commune.

2011 and 2014: Restoration of the calvary crosses of Maupinières and Régeolière.
Siting of information panels giving a brief history of these.

2023/2024:  The calvary cross at the Croix des Chênes is undergoing restoration.

The railway is also a part of Bretoncelles's heritage.  It arrived in 1854, the first station in Lower Normandy, and we shall celebrate its 170th anniversary in 2024.