Association under the law of 1901 created in 2008



Bretoncelles Patrimoine et Nature is an association under the law of 1901, created on 21st June 2008, whose mission is to protect and promote the architectural, natural and cultural heritage of the village of Bretoncelles and its hamlets.


Architectural heritage:

The restoration of the church obviously remains the main mission since the creation of the association.  It's a big project completed in successive instalments according to what is possible financially and in partnership with the commune.

Natural heritage:

In order to conserve ecology and biodiversity the association ensures, amongst other things, the maintenance of the pond of La Godefraise, the castle mound, the realisation and maintenance of the hiking and bike trails, and has created a willow plantation and ensures monitoring and events at the conservation orchard...

Cultural heritage:

The association has published a reference work about the history of the village and its hamlets since the year 849, and regularly reprints and puts on sale old postcards.  From year to year it organises concerts, exhibitions, conferences, a Medieval Walk  to the "Butte du Château" (the castle mound), or a walk to learn about the village.....


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