Heritage promotion and conservation



The association Bretoncelles Patrimoine et Nature (BPN) was created in 2008  around the themes of architectural, cultural and natural heritage, working for both its material and its intangible aspects.

The association has completed many restorations in St Peter's Church since 2017, the latest being the restoration of St James's Chapel in the summer of 2023.

BPN restores and regularly maintains iconic places in the commune: the castle mound, the pond at la Godefraise and the numerous calvary crosses that are dotted around the hamlets and named localities within the commune.

BPN has reorganised and way marked 8 hiking trails covering some 100 km, one of which is accessible to those with limited mobility (PMR). Three trail bike routes have also been made.  All these trails are popular and used frequently.

One of BPN's missions is the protection and preservation of nature, in particular on the Espace Naturel Sensible (the sensitive natural area) of Bretoncelles (ENS).

To that end a conservation orchard was created in 2015.  It protects around twenty ancient varieties from the Perche region.  In February 2024 a graft market was held with the help of the Croqueurs de Pommes.  A willow plantation was established in 2020 which provides willow for the basket weavers of the leisure club.

In November 2023 four service trees were planted.  This is an ancient fruit tree which has been rescued from extinction by the work of associations concerned with heritage preservation.

Every year BPN organises conferences as well as concerts in St Peter's Church.  These concerts contribute financially to the church restoration work.

BPN has published a reference work on the history of the village and its hamlets since the year 849 (on sale in the corner shop CocciMarket).

There are regular exhibitions of reproductions of old postcards which show village life in the old days: businesses, workshops, mills, the history of the railway .... These can be bought when there are exhibitions.

At each of the important places in the commune BPN has made and put in place information panels, one of which is at the entrance to the church to learn about its art works and curiosities  (2023).


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Last edited: 12/04/2024